2009 Cirque de demain

2 short sequences of 6' each for 2 artists acrobats competing in january 2010 in the international contest "le cirque de demain" .

2008 Wipping Willow

I started saxophone whan I was a kid. Easy, it touched the ground actually, then I grew up and had to carry it. Two projets between 2005 and 2007 lead to nice results, then I stopped for several reasons. I'm working on the next one. To be continued ...

Here with Wipping willow, a trip-hop band, LIVE songs recorded @ La Bellevilloise, Paris dec 007

award Spring 2008

2005-8 Lanquarem


the first ever Free-Hop band, cross road of free jazz, trip hop hip hop and real electornic grooves samples, electronic patterns of many influences (funk, house, jazz, world, électro). Improvisation between machines, keyboards, saxophone, singers ... electronic jazz grooves.

La Scène Bastille, Elysées Biarritz, Lizard Lounge, urbietorbi ...